Utility Services

Waterloo provides municipal electric, natural gas, water and sewer service within the city limits. We take pride in our municipal utility systems and all utility dollars stay in Waterloo and continue to work for the citizens and businesses of Waterloo.

Municipal Electric System

  • City of Waterloo maintains all electric distribution lines within the city limits.
  • All outages within the city limits are usually located and repaired in a minimal amount of time.
  • Planned maintenance or repairs are scheduled at a time to be least disruptive to businesses.
  • City of Waterloo is a member of Illinois Municipal Electric Agency, which purchases power in bulk for its members, and provides electric at a cost efficient price, thus allowing the City to pass the savings on to customers.
  • City of Waterloo has a power plant which is used during peak electricity demand times at the direction of Illinois Municipal Electric Agency.  The power plant is also available to provide electric needs for the City of Waterloo during a power outage due to a natural disaster or break in the electric feed from Ameren IP

Municipal Natural Gas System

  • City of Waterloo maintains all gas distribution lines within the city limits.
  • All emergency gas calls are handled locally by employees with a 30 minute response time.

Municipal Water System

  • City of Waterloo purchases water from Illinois American Water.
  • City of Waterloo maintains all water distribution lines and monitors chlorine levels within the city limits.
  • City of Waterloo has three storage tanks which allow for 1,500,000 gallons of storage.

Municipal Sewer Treatment Plant

  • City of Waterloo constructed a state of the art sewer treatment plant in 2007 which has the capability of treating 3,000,000 gallons of sewage per day.
  • Currently, the plant is at 33% of capacity.
  • City of Waterloo maintains all sewer distribution lines and lift stations within the city limits.

Curbside Recycling & Trash Pickup

City of Waterloo has contracted with Reliable Sanitation for curbside recycling once a week and trash pickup once a week.

Consolidated Billing

City of Waterloo provides consolidated billing for all utility services provided by the City of Waterloo.