Lifestyle Segment Definitions

20 Fast-Track Families – 12.17%

With their upscale incomes, numerous children, and spacious homes, Fast-Track Families are in their prime acquisition years. These middle-aged parents have the disposable income and educated sensibility to want the best for their children. They buy the latest technology with impunity: new computers, DVD players, home theater systems, and video games. They take advantage of their rustic locales by camping, boating, and fishing.

 25 Country Casuals – 11.72%

There’s a laid-back atmosphere in Country Casuals, a collection of older, upscale households that have started to empty-nest. Most households boast two earners who have well-paying management jobs or own small businesses. Today these Baby-Boom couples have the disposable income to enjoy traveling, owning timeshares, and going out to eat.

33 Big Sky Families – 11.00%

Scattered in placid towns across the American heartland, Big Sky Families is a segment of younger rural families who have turned high school educations and blue-collar jobs into busy, upper-middle-class lifestyles. Residents enjoy baseball, basketball, and volleyball, as well as fishing, hunting, and horseback riding. To entertain their sprawling families, they buy virtually every piece of sporting equipment on the market.

 37 Mayberry-ville – 8.41%

Like the old Andy Griffith Show set in a quaint picturesque berg, Mayberry-ville harks back to an old-fashioned way of life. In these small towns, upper-middle-class couples like to fish and hunt during the day, and stay home and watch TV at night. With lucrative blue-collar jobs and moderately priced housing, residents use their discretionary cash to purchase boats, campers, motorcycles, and pickup trucks.

28 Traditional Times – 8.13%

Traditional Times is the kind of lifestyle where small-town couples nearing retirement are beginning to enjoy their first empty-nest years. Typically in their fifties and sixties, these uppermiddle-class Americans pursue a kind of granola-and-grits lifestyle. On their coffee tables are magazines with titles like Country Living and Country Home. But they’re big travelers, especially in recreational vehicles and campers.